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I think your MC deserves a medal! I could so feel the frustration caused by the selfishness of 'lazy lizard' and their point blank refusal to deal with a very essential and urgent task, instead choosing to dump it on your MC. Right on topic and brilliant writing.
Enjoyed your light-hearted, limerick-like portrayal of the lazy bumcouch potato. I am sure most of us are acquainted with one of them. While they are funny to joke about, they are not funny in real life! Great job.
there were so many lines that I absolutely loved! What an enjoyable lighthearted poem :-)

I'm glad I chose to intermediate;)
This was a lot of fun! I especially like the aside comment (I'm a grouch). The only bit of red ink I'd offer is that the Obama stanza isn't as smooth-flowing as the rest. Poetry is tough! Great job!
I had a big grin on my face all the way through. However, if I had to live with this lazy lizard, I might not be laughing. Nice job!
Hehe this is great.

I'd be careful with the Barack Obama line, though. Some may take offense, when none is meant. And don't worry. I'm not one who'd take offense. :)

I kept imagining an actual lizard... Good thing he's not really a lizard, because, being cold blooded, I don't think a lizard would survive very long in the snow. ;) Nice job.

I loved the creativity of rhyme and the pattern of the verses and the fun in your poem!
It's snow use naggin'
If your man's draggin'
His feet
At the thought of sleet.

Just take from your pocket
A rectum rocket,
And without any dance or song
Place it where it might belong.

Then put a match to the wick
And he'll start workin' - real quick!

Thanks for a fun read.
Super poem. Very amusing. Congratulations!
Congratulations on your win! Applause!

God bless~