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You make so many valid points and gave me new insight on how to answer some questions posed to me. You did a nice job on this piece and it will influence my attitude and answers.
It's good to know that while athiests say they don't believe in God, God knows them. I like the way you developed your piece clearly and, every point, so true.
I like how you ask them to describe the god they don't believe in. Most time they are just angry with God because of something they believe He did or didn't do.

Great article! Blessings, LaVonne
Many wonderful points here, especially about how we can be off-putting if we don't walk the talk. A great summary of the issues we face when speaking to nonbelievers.
Very relevant piece and a lot of important questions asked. The insight here is fantastic - understanding how the other person sees God, for instance. What you've shown is the difference between loving Christianity as demonstrated by Christ, and cold, rule-focussed religion, which sadly is the experience some people get when they need loving Christianity the most. Very powerful piece.
This statement is great/profound, "Yet we may politely ask how much these atheists know. Few would claim above ten percent, which leaves a lot of room for the possibility of God to exist." You always have a well-thought out message. I especially like the fact that you are always, "ready to give an answer." Excellent work here.
Congratulations on ranking 14 overall! Happy Dance!