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Smiling widely here.

Let me just say this, I love to read all entries without knowing who they are. So I neither "throw bricks" or "read the forum of such" ---but I believe I know this author!

The style is so "unique."

Well done!

I loved it.

Great closing line.

God bless~
I really enjoyed this. Great rhyme and interest. Thank you
Very entertaining. Who knew that such poetic drama existed within the walls of the local apiculture hubs?! I will never, ever look at a bee the same way again; and I certainly won't be approaching any queen bees, that is for certain!

I jest, but in all seriousness, I know that this behaviour exists within our own, human-hubs. It is a very timely reminder to mind one's head does not get too big! Well done, this was a great read.
I LOVED this, but I have to say I snorted at "committed insecticide"! So very, very clever and creative!
HaHa! Loved the last line. Perfect for the topic of 'Contemporary Fiction.'

This is a fun read, and like Camille, I haven't read the bricks but I'm pretty certain I know whose work this is!
I'll be 'buzzing' about this for hours! Such a brilliant take on the topic and incredibly funny. But beneath the humour was a message applicable to so many real-life situations. Awesome stuff :-)

Noel, you just made my day.

I would make a snarky pun in reply, but I think you'd win the match anyway, to be 'honeyst'.
What fun! I laughed out loud at this line:Offering no cheer to any mere. You always amaze me Noel!