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A most enjoyable, though tense, read. You kept the tension going till the end. And, I liked the way the angels, including the little lady (I'm assuming angels) came to assist at the end.
Aww...powerful and sobering read, with excellent writing. This makes for a great story, which you so clearly penned!

Well done.

God Bless~
Creative and chilling--even inspirational--a great suspense story!
I loved this, thank you for sharing.
Thanks for sharing your suspense filled creative story. Good job.
So intriguing! I had to read it over again twice. I was that anxious to get to the end!
Nail bitingly good!

Hugs, Judi
1 Timothy 3:16 KJV
Truly a story full of tension and suspense! You grabbed my attention and let me see each scene as it unfolded! Love the call to prayer when in a desperate situation! Great job!
Excellent writing - on the edge of the seat stuff! Many congratulations on your very well deserved win.
CONGRATULATIONS on your FIRST PLACE win for this excellent story!! WAY TO WRITE!! :)
Oohhh, you do an awesome job of building the suspense. I've missed your stories and seeing you on the forums. I think this story proves that you belong here! Of course, I've always known this. You are quite talented. I love your characters and the way you ended it was brilliant. You didn't go for the predictable ending--having Carter reformed and reaching out to apologize. That's part of what makes you so brilliant. Congratulations on your 1st place overall! Happy Dance! (I've missed dancing for you.) Happy Dance!
Great job.

God bless~
Brilliant and relentless build-up all the way through, with its internal and external profiling.
A well-deserved win.
Awesomeness abounding! I have chill bumps. Suspenseful, scary, and a super-duper ending. GREAT story!
You ingeniously managed to pack a much bigger story into 750 words. It can be hard to get it all in there and not seem rushed. You very masterfully wove this tale. A great read. Congratulations on your first place EC!
Masterful use of the short phrases to build suspense and communicate all that was needed. A great template for the rest of us to hang onto. Well done.
Big congratulations! This was written so fantastically. I remembered it as soon as I saw the winners list, to me that says it all. Great piece!
WOW! Amazing story telling! Congratulations and well deserved.
Congratulations, Shelley, on your 1st place win. It's well deserved!