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Nicely done...incorporating a dream sequence to fit the topic, and bring it to an all important close and message about ministries, and the love of Christ.

God Bless~
Great job! Fun and informative at the same time. I loved your closing line. Keep writing!
The last line is brilliant to me -- awesome writing. You write so smoothly, it's so easy to read.

Better to be awoken by the wife than to relive Mighty Casey stuck out, me thinks. Great lead in to the daily concerns of those gifted with special athletic ability. Chaplains ministering in this field need our prayers, more than our requests to slip us a few good seat tickets they may have scored.
I enjoyed your brush with the limelight of stardom. :) You have a super ministry. Thanks for the peek into your world.
Your vivid descriptions brought me back to my early daze of softball - so nearsighted that the teacher stood behind me to tell me when to swing the bat . . .

Love in and through and because of the Christ,
1 Timothy 3:16 KJV
I really enjoyed your devotional segued from your dream fantasy. Your dream descriptions are really great and the comparisons solid!
Really interesting take on the topic - the work of sports chaplains is definitely unseen. Thank you for sharing.