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There is only one word to describe this entry - HILARIOUS.

Ah choos to sneeze the opportunity to tell you before your fans wake up.
Absolutely brilliant! As I read, the appropriate muscle-group targeted began to respond. I fully expected to erupt in a roof-raising sneeze before the end. However, your switch to enlightening info saved my roof. My muscles relaxed into a laugh instead. A totally fun read. Thank you!
Brilliant as always.

God bless~
This was so clever! I am taking notes on how to write good humour articles from a true master. Thank you for sharing.
I love this kind of humour - made me laugh all the way through.
Oh boy...I can't stop laughing! I love the puns!!!
My nose itches now.
Ahhh, Ahhh, Ahhh choose to say: this was very punny! Loved it.
Honey child, out of all the gals that Ah know, Ah Choose yew to be mah brahd!

This got me almost rolling on the floor howling!

And now I need to locate a tissue, not because of a sneeze, but the from the tears that sneezed from my eyes while laughing. :) I completely enjoyed your bit of autobiographical sneezing and the suspected famous sneezes. This one is a classic. Completely enjoyable. :)
Congratulations on ranking 18 overall! Happy Dance!