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This was an incredible testimony and so intensely moving. I felt your anguish and struggles as I read the first paragraph to the last. There are many who will relate to this piece...I've known several people along the way that had shared so many of your views.

Praise God for bringing you out of that mode of thought.

God bless you
I was glad there was a happy ending to this article. "Temperance" is one of the fruit of the Spirit - meaning that with God's power and grace, we have self-control (not burdened with rules).
Besides the misspelled title, this was well written.
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Wow! Awesome testimony about the bondage of works, neglecting the gift of grace alone for salvation. You have obviously been set free by allowing the Holy Spirit to convict you of all that you can do and shouldn't do with regards to eating, dressing, etc...Praise God! Your journey through this and out of it is a story I will definitely share with those I know who live under the chains of legalism. :)