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Oh how I can relate to "Someday Isle." This delightful, well written testimony was a delight to read.
Thank you for sharing this interesting and memorable read with us.

God bless~
I almost lost it over the possible outcome of your teenage self becoming what you were thinking about. :) You have great alliteration in your title. What a blessing, to have the Lord's mercy over our own foolish naivete, pride, and stubbornness. Great and wonderfully inspiring writing.
I really enjoyed this, I loved the subtle humour. Thank you for sharing.
I must confess, knowing well your subtle humour, that I had to do a 'take 2' when learning of your desire to become a girl!!! Of course it soon became clear. Silly me. However, I'm so pleased you didn't get shot in the head and it's great to hear a little about your life experiences. You told it candidly - I think, as I'm always on the lookout for puns - but seriously, a bullet at point blank range from a drunken husband is one heck of a wake-up call from God. He certainly wanted you on his team. I'm glad you said yes! A testimony that will inspire, I'm sure.
This is one of my favorites, of course from one of the masters.

Thank God for His wider provision, right!?
You really did bear out your title with wonderful truth. You could have titled it also, "And God Blessed Me and Made Me a Blessing to Many."
Excellent and very stylistic piece. You made your exciting life even more exciting by the way you unfolded it.

Seminary doesn't come close to preparing us for ministry in the way hands on experience does. I'm a big fan of internships and mentoring/discipling while on the job.

I'm so glad your eye-opening experience with the barrel of that gun turned out for the good. I've been in similar scrapes. Congratulations on a half century of new life in Christ! Being born into eternity is the greater birthday in my book. Good stuff.
Congratulations on ranking 30 overall! Happy Dance!