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So beautifully expressed. I felt the heartache. Love and blessings.
Thank you for sharing so beautifully your deep heartache. The pain is palpable and so is the wonderful hope that you conclude with. A very precious piece of auto-biography. Thankyou
What a wonderful glimpse inside the heart of a woman who lifts faith over grief. Thanks.
This is the entry that has been on my mind hours after reading it. Not just the sadness, but the powerful hope. Amazing piece and, to me, a winner. I am sure it will bless many.Thank you for sharing.
Your story has left me unable to find the right words to express anything for about five minutes. I merely sat staring at the computer through tear-stained eyes.

I now start to move and will try to express how I feel after reading this penetrating and powerfully moving and poignant story.

My deepest sympathy for your experience...but the faith in which you exhibit has saved you as well as the readers from remorse.

Knowing you'll see him in heaven one day is uplifting and inspirational.

Thank you for this outstanding autobiography, and for allowing us to share this significant and painful journey with you.

God bless you abundantly~

Thank you. This is beautiful and powerful. Blessings.
Really good writing on something that some cannot even speak about with ease ... one of my favorites, of course you are a master. This writing shows why.

And ... (hugs) to you.

This is truly an example of writing from the heart at its very best. Your words are perfectly chosen and beautiful in this tender remembrance.
Excellent writing on a very tough topic.
One of my nephews was stillborn. It's so special and exciting to think about him running and playing in heaven.
This was beautifully written. I felt like I was right alongside you and could feel the heartache and the hope. So well done!
Congratulations. A very worthy winner.
I am stunned by this amazing piece of writing. I will remember it for a long time. Although you didn't mark it as non-fiction, I think it must be with the depth of various emotions you so brilliantly portrayed. A truly well deserved win. Congratulations!
As your words always do, Ann, they have once again made me feel . . . deeply. Tears hovered through the whole story, but your final two paragraphs had me bawling. The powerful image you created, of finally knowing your son in heaven, after the feeling that all was well, turned my sympathetic heart to jelly.

Thank you for another beautiful story.
Ann, there's very little I can add, except to say that you have been blessed with a wonderful gift of writing that targets the heart at its deepest level. Thank you.

Congratulations :)
This was so beautifully written from the heart of a mother who knows eternity awaits and yet feels the pain of this life here on earth. I'm so sorry for your loss. We were blessed to have our daughter live for 12 days. Those who I met after who experienced a stillbirth broke my heart as they didn't get to experience the things we did. I love the tie-in of the christening gown to your son's gown he'll be wearing in Heaven. Again, beautifully spoken.
Congratulations to you for a well deserved first place in EC for this exquisite story. I think there will be some wonderful meetings in heaven between mothers and their babies who have gone on ahead
Ann...congratulations on one of the most moving entries I've ever read. It hasn't left me since I've read it!

God Bless~
Congratulations, Ann, on your win but even more so for being able to write so beautifully and movingly on what is very close to your heart. Thank you for sharing this.