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Great title for a sumptuous piece. The smells tickled my senses as you described each scene, each memory. By halfway through, I had my own smells of the past pushing to get my attention for a memory or two of my own. Two questions: Is this the correct recipe? I'd never thought of pickling green beans. Second question: Did your daddy smell like Old Spice when you sat on his lap?Mine did. Terrific job.
Very creative take on the topic that clearly depicts the impact of memories that are triggered by our sense of smell. Which bears out the quote at the close. Great work.
This was so well done and such an interesting read!
I loved your story. I especially loved how you brought it to a memorable close.

I remember sitting on my dad's lap by the fire as he read to me. I loved the smell of the book pages, daddy's cologne and sen-sen that he loved to chew on.

Thanks for sharing this beautiful and well written account.

GOd bless~
Very vivid account, I loved how you spoke to all my senses. Thank you for sharing.
Well, first off - I want some dilly beans! Your vivid descriptions held me in the moment and the scents of your memories. I can relate to many of the them, especially the mangroves. Very well done!
You did a great job of presenting your very interesting memories aroma. Well done! I enjoyed reading this piece.
Oh how much I can relate to those childhood aromas...and the kerosene lamp. I couldn't find any place to use my red pen.:-) Wonderful memories, marvelously shared.
Congratulations on ranking 14th overall!