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I work in a church and know that this situation is entirely plausible. Not only the head-butting, but the animals. We had our fellowship hall doors open one nice day, and a stray dog walked in and joined the gathering. :) The first half of this story excellent, but it seems like the second half was rushed and not as well constructed. However I truly enjoyed reading your entry.
Conflict in churches is sad but nothing new...Paul & Barnabas split due to conflict; yet, God used that to double mission outreach. Your 'show-not tell' was excellent!

Wing His Words
It is funny how the Lord can use his innocent animals to show us how we should live and treat others no matter the circumstance.

You did an A+++ job with this article. Your articles often show how compassion is always the right solution for so many problems that we as Christians encounter daily.

Keep up the great work that I enjoy reading every week.

God Bless!
Oh, this is awesome. I loved the way you spun this story to have the ladies come an understanding of one another, and how God answered the Pastors prayers by having the dog and cat appear in great need.

This is one of your best. So original and fresh. What a great take on the topic.

Excellent writing here, just excellent!
I guess we've all heard of the Hound of Heaven, so it's only fair that God should answer a prayer with cats...
But seriously, I enjoyed your characters and the sad credibility of their dialogue, for it happens all too often.
Good work.
An absolutely delightful read. I appreciated the way you developed the characters and the conflict. I thrilled to see how you brought the topic around from fighting like cats and dogs to the cat and dog solution. You brought out the important reason the two ladies were there in the first place by this pair of needy pets. Terrific work. Thanks for a memorable tale.