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What marvelous descriptions you used to describe a remarkable old lady, and your ending devotional thoughts are right on. I loved this.
Fabulous and so well crafted. Great job with the topic with a powerfully moving message for all to 'drink in.'

Loved it. Excellent work.

God bless~
Brilliant description of sister Effie. I could picture her perfectly. However sister Meredith is not my best mate - I've met lots of her cousins in the past. But they were a great way to illustrate your point, and with the liberal sprinkling of humour throughout, (to which we've become accustomed,) you've delivered a great message - pastor.
This is a great commentary on what's been going on in some churches for decades. Pharisees abound in modern church life, promoting legalism and ignoring the simple message that Christ brought. It seems I am forever reminded that we overcomplicate our faith, making it more about religious ritual than it is about Jesus and what He really stood for.

Great job reminding us how important a lesson that is. Anything less is a reflection of us putting material things or rituals ahead of Christ and the sinners he loves.

And don't think for a second that I didn't spot that whole sentence regarding vampires and veins. I saw that Mitaxa! I got my eye on you! :)
Everyone should be so luck as to have a Sister Effie in their life. The train stays on track when they are conducting business. A fun read with a timely message.
A most enjoyable and amusing read with a great message. "Sister Effies" are such a blessing. You have covered the cup topic well, developing it into a memorable devotional. (I may ask permission to use it for a group I'm involved in.)
I love this. I love the humor, and the title, especially. Nice job.
Vampires will always be socially except-able. And yes, any work to change them is in vein. Groan! :)

This makes me think of a minister who liked to say 'Always keep the main thing the main thing.'

It's amazing, isn't it, that Jesus took our cup of sin and drank it, so that we could drink a cup of blessing.

As always, great writing.
I started reading this and then had to go back to the brick throw to check I was reading the correct one. "No! This can't be Noel. It's started too normal."

But then the puns started to run through the veins of the story and I felt far more at ease.

As always, brilliant, entertaining and educational.

Exquisitely serious for you, dear fella. Your title of course drew me in, and I stayed for the show. I love the verses you used, I love our Lord and Savior, and I love and appreciate you.
Yeesh, can I ever sympathize with the sacred cows of many a church I have seen.

Love love LOVE the puns, and the title!!
Loved the cannibal and vampire references, priceless stuff there, the rest of your entry t'wasn't too shabby.
Congratulations on ranking 11th overall! Happy Dance!