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A terrific snapshot of life that you've captured so well, and then lifted it beyond the power of any caffeine hit at the close. Great work!!!
What a great story--and then to find out it is nonfiction broke my heart.
Oh my goodness what a heart gripping story. It held a note of authenticity throughout so I wasn't suprised to find out at the end that it was indeed a true account.

No doubt this will be in the top three and probably capturing it all...amazingly poignant and memorable.

It touched my heart and made it smile and cry at once.

God bless~
Full marks for being on topic, and now having read it I think the title is perfect too. Not only that it's a true story that you kept secret until the last line. I think this will rate highly with the judges. Great job!
Outstanding writing. Thanks for sharing such a personal story.
I really enjoyed your story and finding it to be a true story made it extra enjoyable. You've told it so well and developed the background story nicely in so few words. Well done!
Wonderful job with this. I loved it.

My only critique, and it's a small one, is I would have liked to know MC's attitude as she walked out. Was she angry, or had she softened? Did she change? This is clearly part of a bigger story, but I would have loved some clue as to if the MC changed her attitude.

Again, wonderful job with this.
Thanks for sharing this intimate piece of your childhood and yay for aunt June's role in your life.
Excellent use of one of your special memories to present this topic.
This is an amazing story. Both in the writing and that it's non-fiction.

She must have loved her brother very much.
There you go, you went and did it. Hallelujah! And you did it so well that I'm giving a standing ovation.

You blew me away with this one, Joe. You said you were wanting to share your past from the heart, well this part of your heart helps to heal parts of mine.

My only stumble was in the first sentence: "... on THE wooden arm..." would have read without a hiccup.

You have shared something here that I pray will bless you as much by sharing it as I get blessed by reading it.

Snoopy forever. Blessings.
First - we couldn't have kids. May I adopt you? Your story is so poignant, so real, so terrible and yet so wonderful. You are a favorite of mine, and well should be if you are my adopted son, yes?
Oh wow...what a curveball to find out that it was a true story!

That was a very impactful piece, I thought.
Excellent story, and easily relatable. Nice surprize at the end. Keep up the great work!
Congratulations on ranking 18th overall! Happy Dance!