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It is amazing how great minds think alike. This is beautifully written just the finest piece you have written thus far!

I love the way you showed how the cups went through all those generations. My grandmother had a similar set but somehow they were lost after she died.

This article simply shines. I think the judges will sit up and take notice at this one.
This is such a WOW! You know my feelings for teapots, cups and saucers...This article I'm saving and sharing!

Wing His Words
A superbly-crafted piece. I loved the prose, but dare I say, I'm too old-fashioned to enjoy the ending. I cried, in fact, to think that the lady wanted to sell the cup and saucer instead of giving it to her daughter. I read that part three times just to be sure she was really wanting to sell it. Then, I had to come to grips with the reality presented in the family description--no one cares about the old stuff these days--beautiful, nostalgic or not. Truly sad to me, but you did a marvelous job presenting this sad truth in your story. Thanks for sharing.
You've captured real depth without pushing too hard here. Great writing that - instead of showing rather than telling, you've invited instead of showing. Skilfully-worked entry that should do well.
I am sorry for not reading your article sooner. I will try to do a better job this week!

This is an excellent article worthy of a top 5 placement. You write such good articles that I enjoy every week. You are a God-sent friend!

God Bless!