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Clever and very different approach to this weeks topic. Interesting and well done!
God bless~
I'm not sure I am clued in to what happened here. Is the punchline that the two lawyers charge a fee for pretending nothing ever happened? Or am I missing something key to the skit (no pun intended)?

I like your dialogue and your characters are good. As an old scriptwriter, director and actor, I will give you a little bit of advice on writing scripts (not that you asked for it, or want it):

Don't write blocking into your script. Directors and actors are going to mostly ignore it and do what feels natural to them anyway, and it's considered bad form in the industry for writer to write in blocking. Certain things are okay, if they are pertinent to the scene or the character. Writing STEVE (sits) is fine. Writing STEVE (sits at a slight angle so he is still facing the audience) is not. It makes it sound as though someone performing your script might not know what they're doing when it comes to staging.

And, it's not a bad idea to let go of your script and acknowledge and accept that it's not going to be performed the way you have it in your head. Actors and directors need creative freedom, which makes writing scripts so much different than just about any other writing.

Anyway, that's a lot for my two cents, but it's what I got.

Again, good job with your characters and dialogue. Thanks for sharing.
Congratulations Allison!

God bless~
Congrats....great writing.
Such an unusual take on the topic. But my unusual mind liked very much.
Way to come at it girl, fresh and entertaining with a bit of a mind bending ending.