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This touched my heart! What a loving touching and genuine affirmation of the Father's love and healing process.

This was an inspirational poem that I will print out and hand out to several of my acquaintances.

Excellent! Thank you!

God bless~
Such a strong message you bring here. I love the second stanza the most:

"Lonely people gathering dust, walk alone for years and years."

That is such a visceral image for me.

Great work! I too will carry this one with me for a while.
I am not much of a poet so do not feel qualified to give any red ink, but to my limited understanding, this is a great piece of art. Truly beautiful. Thank God for salvation.
Very well done.
So lovely. It gently takes the heart and caresses it. Thank you for beauty . . .
I love the message of your poem. Truly, our hearts are blocked, and God's love is the key to end anger and fear and loneliness.
You captured the essence of lostness beautifully. Thank God He seeks us till we're found.
Oh wow, I love this one! It reaches right into the reader and touches those feelings we've all had at times. I don't know much about the mechanics of poetry, but this is really beautiful!
Lovely poem.

Knowing not about loves ways,
Inside a heart stands silent, breaking,
Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

I am so happy for you my sweet sister in Christ. This was so beautifully touching and inspiring. I am thrilled for your EC which is way beyond deserved.

Keep touching us with your authenticity and your love for God...You're truly a gifted soul.

God bless~
Congrats on your EC placement.
I'm borrowing from another faithful faithwriter's words when I say, I'm doing a "Happy Dance" for you! Congrats on the EC Lynn! Woo-Hoo!
Coming out of moth balls:-)to congratulate you, Lynn, on your EC...a truly beautiful poem

So happy for you!!