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I don't think there is any lock available that would keep our kids out of that hiding place! A great take on the topic for the week; I wonder, if this is anecdotal, and if so, are you the parent, or is it a glimpse into your childhood?! Blessings, Helen
Hahahahahaha! This was a delight to read!

God bless~
I notice this is labeled as "non-fiction" so, I'm guessing it is written from experience. I can tell you that not only have my children (now all grown) spied and found presents ahead of time, they have actually unwrapped and re-wrapped gifts that were under the tree (not re-wrapped well, I might add). It got to where we had to resort to Christmas shopping at the last minute to have any shot at all of surprising them. :)

As for the poem itself, I felt it had a great pace and rhythm and projected the humorous tolerance I imagine was exhibited in real life.

Great job!
Fun! A delightful romp ...
This brings back memories. We fooled our children several years by switching the names on the presents under the tree and announcing our deception just before they tore into the packages. Another time, we labeled the presents with the names of Disney characters. We learned it was best to hide the presents wrapped in the open because those precious rascals knew every hiding place. Thanks for the memory jog.
Loved your description of 50 parts mischief and 50 curiosity. That certainly fits my own tribe of heathens.

I remember searching for Christmas gifts but was never very successful.

...fifty parts mischief
And fifty, curiosity...


God bless~
Congrats on your EC placement.