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This is an interesting read that held me spellbound throughout. I was trying to guess what the big secret was, but I didn't see the twin angle coming at all.

There were a few errors (I think you meant to use the word consultation instead of consolation), but the rest of your writing was so good, that I'd put that down to not having time to proofread as well as you might normally.

Overall, I felt your story was compelling, which is rare for me when it comes to a narrative with little dialogue.

Well done!
A very well written story with a compelling storyline; I really want to know what happens next! Does she find her twin? Do they get along? Is her twin good, or evil?! So many possibilities! I agree with Joe, I didn't see the twin angle coming either. Well done. Blessings, Helen
Wow - this read like a novel. I was compelled to keep going and then read it a second time!

Excellent work! I loved the open is filled with all kinds of possibilities. You should consider making this a book, I'd be in line to read it!

God bless~
I was hooked from the first line, totally surprised by the revelation from the box, and left wanting more. I often feel like that when the 750 words have been well-crafted. I'm definitely more of a book lover than a short story enthusiast, because of wanting the pleasure to keep going. this piece has so many possibilities, if only you had the time. Nicely done!
Please rework this into a novel! You leave me panting for more, more!
I like the way you built up the suspense with your descriptive details. I wanted to know more.
Excellent writing here.
This is compelling to read and so paced to keeps the reader on the edge of their seat.

One of my favorites this week.

Well done.
I so enjoyed reading this. It kept my interest from beginning to end. Great story and well written.It has all the ingredients for a great novel.

This story could definitely be turned into more.

I like the sudden twist at the end.