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Sweet story. Makes me want to tell those nurses to just move him into her room.

And quite funny about the brick! I almost did the same thing.
This took a turn I didn't anticipate but it made for a good story. You left me wondering what happened the following day which is a smart way to end, leaving the reader wanting more.

Now are we sure this is the entry you wrote? I could swear I'd read yours already. HaHa! Nearly done that too.
Holy cow...did THAT throw me for a curveball! Wow! I liked the unexpected twist. sad. That is a heart-wrenching piece. And yet you left us with a hopeful ending! I liked it.
O my my heart aches at you MC's years of loving, unrewarded devotion.
You drew such a realistic picture I was able to envision him struggling through the institutions dark halls looking for his love.
I commented on your pseudo brick too which if I remember correctly was good as well so no harm done. Ha
Beautiful, beautiful story!
Good believable dialogue. Enjoyed this read as I am quite familiar with the setting.
Very descriptive and very moving, with an economy of language. Great work here.
So touching...Wow!
Having worked in nursing homes as the director, I can appreciate this story so much.

I've always been an advocate for keeping spouses together. Always encouraged this type of behavior. The part of "locking him in his room" made me sad.

This piece is engaging and has gripped my heart and hasn't let it go. Excellent work!

God bless~
Congratulations on ranking 14th overall.