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Oh, wow. I am so in love with this story. What a masterful piece of writing. I have never read a lovelier love story. This is a winner in my heart.

Thank you so much!
08/16/14's a good thing I get to write my comments instead of speaking them, because this lump in my throat would make it very difficult to talk right now.

I can't say enough about how well-written this was. Just a fantastic picture you painted for us of love through tough times. The richness and detail contained in your writing makes me want to grow up to be like you. :)

Thanks for sharing this with us. Truly.
This is the best one I've read this week.

Awesome writing.
Splendid tale of persevering love.
I love your well-crafted story of tenderness and time. Their fleeting journey through forever leaves an imprint on the heart. Beautiful work.
Your lyrical words of this lifetime love touched me deeply.
Great writing! Enjoyed this read.
What an evocative description of a couple's lived-out reply to the cynics. You've done this so well. Congratulations on a great entry.
I can only echo everything that has been said and thank you for this absolutely wonderful story - amazing and most beautiful writing.
08/20/14 true. What a poignant touching and moving tale of love.

Excellent job. Well done. And, I'm sure it'll be in the winner's circle. See you under EC's.

God bless~
Many many congrats for your well deserved win for this wonderful piece of writing - truly amazing piece.
I had a feeling about this one...but after all of the comments started rolling in it was obvious that you had something here that resonated with everyone.

Great job and congratulations on a very well deserved win!
Oh, this one took my breath away. Absolutely beautiful. Congratulations, well deserved.
Absolutely stunningly beautiful.A truly well deserved first place.Congratulations
So beautiful. So stirring. Congratulations. You deserved this placement.
Congrats Dannie!
I'm so happy this received an EC!

God bless~
Oops..sorry "Annie" --- I put a D on there by error. As you know there is a Dannie too!

Congratulations! I loved your story.

God bless~
Your story makes me know that I must treasure my husband and our time together. Thank you.
Outstanding! My goose bumps won't settle down.
Yay for you!
Beautiful love story. Congratulations. We were told it wouldn't last. It's been 26 years and it feels like yesterday.