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Interesting story and well done...God bless~
You caused me to think, and that can be most unnerving. I find the format interesting, but my brain kinda froze - I must read it again - and I will . . .
Hi, I liked the tie in between the spiritual world and physical world.
I had to reread it to understand more and it has a lot more depth each reading.
Quick question - Do Mike and Steve share the same work space? Blessings to you this week.
This was very thought-provoking and well-written but I have the same question as Jennifer. Did the men share the same work space? You're saying good & evil work side-by-side? Just wondering... It's your story. Your imagination. I read it a couple times too. That's a good thing:)
I guess I will just put this out there, since more than one person seems to have the same question. I don't normally comment on my own stories, but I guess some clarification is needed (not a good sign).

What I was going for here was a more modern version of the angel on one shoulder, devil on the other clich. Let's face it, everyone, saved or not, still fights their demons. In theory, those of us who are saved should be free of our past and it's true we have the key to break those chains and be free, but so many of us still hear the temptations or condemnation sent our way by the enemy. If you think good and evil don't operate in, or vie for, the same space then I'm not sure what you call what goes on the heart of the average Christian I've known in my life. We know who wins, but I'm not sure we always hear only His voice.

Thanks to everyone for the feedback thus far. I'm sorry the story wasn't more clear.
This may sound funny, but I was captivated by this story because it wasn't easy to grasp on first reading. I found it very deep and thought-provoking.

I was a little confused by Bill and Greg. Likely just me. I'm sometimes slow on the uptake when reading. Was Bill another man, and Greg his shoulder demon?

Forgive me for chuckling when I read the explanation about angel on one shoulder, devil on the other...for a minute all I could see was Kronk from The Emperor's New Groove.

I enjoyed this story. It felt like a snippet of something longer that could be really fascinating.
I liked your multi layered entry. It was one of those stories that needed to be read a few times in orderto garner its richness.