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Great job, enjoyed this from the first paragraph to the very last.

God bless~
I loved this too. Took me a bit to get oriented but after that, I got into it. It would be a fun novella. It kind of reminds me of a scarier - Bedtime Stories movie. :) Good to see you back, Josh. I came back for this week too.
Great job! It does sound like something that could be expanded on for a book. I too had a hard time at first getting orientated but now that I am I want more.

I liked the ending too.

Josh! This was fantastic! It's so good to see you back in the challenge and this entry was so much fun. Great job!
I just want his book and quill :)
It reminded me of Henry and the Purple Crayon (Which I really like and tried to think of a way to write something like it this time.) only much more elaborate.
I would maybe think of something a little different for a title. Possibly something to the effect of 'Drawing Reality' or 'Frightful Consequences of not Following Directions.'
I liked the story line and the way you jumped straight into it. It did take a bit to figure it out but that's not a bad thing.
Great job, extremely creative and such a fun read. The boy was believable (cars, monsters and riches are exactly what every boy would draw for themselves - I'm not sure about the pet monster, though). :)

I agree with everyone else that this would make either a great kid's novel or series.

Nice work!
Definitely one of the most unique entries I've read thus far.

Your gift for the fantasy genre sparkles like the diamond creature you drew.
Awesome! I love this delightful cartwheeling tale.
I have really missed your twist. This entry is wonderful... A future movie?