The Official Writing Challenge
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Oh, I love this! It has such feeling and such connection with the writing instruments.
You have summed up what all writers feel in such creative and heartfelt words and phrases. I bet you won't be weeping when the judging is done.
This connects well with the every poet's heart. The content is reminiscent of one of my very early poems. Yet you captured the feeling much better than I did. Blessings!
Hauntingly beautifuL!

God bless~
Very haunting with a message we all well know. this touches the heart of many a writer.

mystically magical!
This had the feel of something much older, a style long in the past that not many can capture nowadays. Your wordsmithing was marvelous, but it was the cadence that held me spellbound.

Excellent work!
Oh, my goodness. I don't think I have ever read a more beautiful free verse. It speaks volumes. I love the last line. "The paper, it will remember"

I think we have a winner!
Beautiful use of the language. Yes, I can only admire the flow. It's a meditative piece and I think it's very well done.
God bless you.
You painted a vivid picture of a tortured soul seeking to express heartfelt profundities.

Amazingly lovely for all of its tragedy.
Gorgeous poetry--every word placed perfectly with phrases I could never even imagine leaping out to grab me with their beauty.
I can really relate to this poem as most writers can, I'm sure. Very nice work.
What a lovely and touching expression of the writer's experience. There are so many beautiful images and turns of phrase that I can't really pick any out to praise above the rest. It rings so true for poets and, no doubt, for the writers of prose as well. Very well done!
Wonderful poem!

I definitely identify with the 'thought that drifts just beyond my reach.'
Exquisite! There's nothing else I can say that hasn't already been said. A poem straight from a writer's heart.
How all writer's feel summed up beautifully in a short but powerful poem. Great job with this one!
Exquisite. I bet it is actually non-fiction. This reads with my heart beats with you . . .
Jim, Jim, Jim! Your writing always touches my heart and soul. This is excellent. Congratulations!
Really beautiful Jim. I so identify! Many congratulations on a very well deserved win.
Oooh, breathtakingly beautiful. What more can I say? A well deserved 1st place. Congratulations!
Congratulations on sitting atop the heap of EC's, Jim. This is gorgeous. I love all your poetry!
Beautiful!! Congratulations on your win!
Yay! So pleased for you.
Well done Jim. Beautiful poem and a worthy winner.