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An interesting twist on the topic. And a great reminder that God does still speak to us even in the smallest of ways.
We have something in common besides writing...I love iced tea.
I like your story. It is well written.

This story held my attention all the way through. One tiny suggestion: If your opening sentence had begun with your being in "Ron's" hospital room rather than "the" hospital room, I would have been oriented more immediately to the picture.
I could almost see the cobwebs developing as you waited and waited again. ;) Well-written account. Glad your husbands on the mend. Would love to know what some of those exciting experiences were. Maybe in a future writing challenge?
Thank you for sharing this with us.

Sometimes, it's the simplest things that can catapult us to a greater understanding, in this case it was the iced tea.

Unique and heartfelt approach to the topic, and I'm so relieved to learn your husband Ron is going to be okay. Thank God.

Well written.

God bless~

Well, I like black tea, thick and steaming hot, but your tale still gave me something to think about. A creative take on the topic and an enjoyable read.
So glad your husband is ok. You did a great job showing the nerves and restlessness of sitting in a hospital room waiting for someone to come out of surgery.

I love iced tea too. It's cool that you took the time to thank someone who may or may not have felt like what they were doing was appreciated. I hope to learn from you and try and find those little ways of showing God's love to others. I can definitely improve in that area.

Always good to see you writing, Laury. Thanks for sharing!

It's powerful that God prompted you to show kindness to another in the midst of your own trial. It's beautiful that you obeyed.
I have spent countless hours by my beloved's hospital bed - praying, arguing with God and soaking pillows with my tears.

You wrote this so succinctly, so well with short choppy sentences - excellent.

I look at my hubby today and praise God for every breath he takes.

The doctors and hospital staff, the volunteers and executives all deserve thank you notes. I dispense thank you for al you do, but having a permanent record is precious.
I enjoyed your glimpse into heeding the sound of His voice.