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This is pure delight. I held onto every word. I remember my first EC idea came to me as I was vacuuming and I dropped the cleaner and searched for paper and a working pen. The story poured out of me and wouldn't have been the same if I first tried to hunt and peck on the PC. Your story remind did me of that time and I need to find my pen again. The only critique is tiny. I'm terrible about reading titles, and didn't spot yours until I was done, but I couldn't help but wonder if I had read it earlier, would it have given away the ending? I can't answer that, but I do wonder. Your ending was perfect. So many people struggle with balancing the conclusion, but you appear to be an expert.
What a joy it was to read this. I like everything about it.

Great storytelling. On topic. Perfect ending. What more can I say.
This is amazing! It's such a creative story and so well told.
Well-told! And it reminded me: Although I often draft pieces sitting under a tree with my old (original) iPad, I know that in the heat of a new idea, the first things I grab are pen and paper; and only later fire up the technology.
A well-told intriguing tale. I need one of those inspiring pens! Red ink: Sort of a small picky thing but, for me as a reader, it is distracting. Watch out for the dreaded its (shows possession) versus it's (contraction for it is). Showed up repeatedly as the former when the latter is what you really wanted.
Great story! Well told, well said in content and delivery.

God bless~
I really liked your story. Engaging. Creative:)
Well done entry. I loved the dialogue and the characterization. The only red ink I have is that there were some missing commas when the dialogue was addressing one of the characters. Otherwise, superb and enjoyable!
I truly enjoyed this read. I don't know how believable the "no edits and no rewrites" is, but that made it even more interesting. Loved the ending! The title may have given too much of a clue.

Keep up the great work, I'm loving it!
Yay for your reentry into the Challenge with this wonderful story. Your MC kept me thoroughly engaged.
Well done.
One small inkblot- it's it is
Deliciously delightful!
Congratulations for ranking 13th overall! Happy Dance!