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Brilliant. The suspense in this piece had me holding my breath. I love a great twist and didn't see this one coming at all. What a perfect ending! The only red ink is some missing commas after introductory phrases. Had I not been editing and encountering that exact issue, I doubt I would have noticed because I was totally engrossed in the story. I'm eager to read it again in a few days as I suspect I'll notice even more delightful tidbits throughout this inspired piece.
No wonder he felt sick after eating candy and drinking sodas! The creative ending totally took me by surprise. I loved it!
Wonderful! Did not see the twist coming! Loved it.
Hah! Great job! I have to say I saw the ending coming, but only because I have four kids (grown now) and they have always been both creative and melo-dramatic (I have NO idea where they get that from).

I was thinking as I read that I would have done exactly what you did with the story, and I was hoping it was where you were going. You did not disappoint me!

Great job!
Sweet and creative, great writing.

Nicely done.

God bless~
You did a great job with this character, leading me into his predicament and then changing my view with a twist at the end. This is a creative idea for the topic. The only change I'd like to see is a different last sentence. Matthias seems to be a kid who loves the outdoors and time to dream; I wouldn't imagine him saying he looks forward to going back to school. That's just how I see him as I was drawn into your story. Great writing!
What an overactive imagination Matty has. You created a credible character and a fun read. Congratulations on your EC.
Congratulations on EC for your delightful story. I fell in love with your MC.
Congratulations! I'm so glad to see this got an Editor's Choice award. I enjoyed reading your story again to appreciate the details.
I love this imaginative and delightful read! Thank you . . .

Clever way to fool us dear lady. Nicely done!
You had me totally fooled! Wonderful, engaging story with a clever twist. All credit and respect to you!
Congratulations on your win. You deserved it. Great twist, very amusing.