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A beautifully written and moving poem of someone (one of the Roman soldiers?) jouneying from unbelief and hopelessness to conversion and belief. I really like it.
I have to echo the above comment - beautiful, moving and inspired poetry. The one word title is perfect for this piece and I'm so in awe of your gift. Thanks for sharing it with us.
I like the direction this poem took...right to Jesus. Good use of this week's topic. Well written.
This is a poem to read again and again to capture all the nuances of meaning and the power of the words. Gifted, inspired writing!
True poetry is the best I can say about this piece. From both a literary and spiritual view it is true poetry. I daresay that any one of us reading could identify completely with you MC.

Great job!
Deep and heart-touching. I love poems that tell a story.
Breathtakingly beautifully powerful . . .
Excellent and beautiful poetry.

This is beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. I think what I liked best is how it reinforces the fact that Jesus was fully human because I could relate with so much of it.
Part of my comment disappeared. I like how this showed how Jesus was fully human and the same time fully God. It's a hard concept to understand, but for whatever reason, that is the message your words placed in my heart. Jesus gets us, thinks like us (at times} and loves us. You know you've let the Spirit guide you when different people take away different things - - things you might not have anticipated.

God Bless~
I am always in awe at the creative eyes which see nuances beyond well known Bible facts and the ability to craft tales from 'behind' the scenes.

You are one of those who consistently does so.

Stunning piece of work my dear.
Congratulations! Happy happy Dance!
Congratulations for EC on these beautiful words!
So happy for you Margaret. Your work is truly inspired. A big CONGRATULATIONS from me.

God bless~
Happy with you for your 6th place overall!
Congratulations, Margaret, on your EC place. Very well deserved too!