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Thank you for your encouraging piece. I do struggle with this at times and this is one of my dark moments. Bless you for allowing God to use you to minister to me.
Wow, I am blown away by this one Comeforth. It's as if you have been down the same paths as me.

Excellent writing that keeps the reader reading....

Loved it!
It seems you have written an echo to many of our hearts in this amazing piece of writing. Thank you for your honesty in sharing as you do, thank you for these heart and soul descriptions, thank you for pointing to the Hope of Christ and thank you for the 3 great lessons you share. This one is going in my favourites!
Excellent piece, Graham, and a great title. I've had my eye on that title ever since I first opened up the list of entries in Masters, but it was all the way down near the bottom and my OCD side wouldn't let me skip ahead. :)

I know this is going to resonate with each one of us who reads it, as Christians, but you know what? I think it would equally resonate with those who've never met Christ. Those spend their whole life in the dark and crave some light.

Since you asked for any kind of ink, I'm going to give just a tiny bit, but take with a big grain of salt since it's a personal peeve. Having worked in children's ministry I have seen way too much of things like "Son-light", "Son-shine" and "Son-rise". This was a deep and serious piece, and that one phrase knocked me out of that mode into the realm of (forgive the word) "cheesiness" for one moment.

Don't get me wrong, I love a good "cheesy" moment, especially when it's done on purpose. But it distracted me in this instance from the rest of your excellent article.

Again, take it with a grain of salt. If you haven't worked much in children's ministry, you probably haven't been overexposed to it the way I have. I also hate intentional misspellings in children's ministry (any use of "Kidz" drives me nutz).

Other than that, I thought this was an excellent entry and my guess is you're starting off with a mind towards a second BoB. :)
Poetic prose. You found just the right words and shaped beautiful phrases to capture your emotions. It's purely descriptive, but it captivated me right from the start all the way through.

I realize that I can learn also from reading other people's entries. Thank you for sharing not only your struggle and the truth that sets us free, but also your talent.
Wow, I can definitely relate and this even reminds me a bit of my own story this week. It's amazing how God uses us to pull one another up.
Lyrics to a song we sang in church this morning seem appropriate to return the favor for having been blessed by your piece.

"Forgiven, beloved, hidden in Christ, made in the image of the Giver of life, righteous & holy reborn and remade, accepted and worthy, that is my new name!"
Thank you for sharing this deep and honest piece. This line really grabbed me: "I'm learning to walk in the paths of today instead of wandering, lost, among the gravestones in the cemetery of yesterday." Powerful!
Compelling and insightful treatment of the topic. Well written, good job!
I tremble with the truths expressed here. This is one of the most magnificent essays I have ever read. How precious that it is non-fiction. It makes me cherish your work even more - and I didn't think it possible . . .
Thank you for sharing our story through your personal story so clearly and candidly.

It's indeed a timely reminder of the struggles and temptations that a writer possibly faces constantly.

Yes, I agree with you that 'even in the darkest nights', we aren't without Hope!
Your message is clear: Jesus didn't die for a few, for the good ones, but He died for ALL.
And He sets us free from condemnation, changing our nights of self recrimination to days of His forgiveness. This entry contains a blessing to anyone who reads it.
You make sharing your heard look easy -- and its not. Amazing writing here.
Outstanding internal dialogue that reflects your true love of the Lord. I especially loved "Son-Light."

This moving introspective of life per se touched my heart. Thanks for sharing your deepest parts with us.

Well done.

God bless~
Congratulations on ranking 12 overall. Happy Dance!