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From the title to the powerful ending, this well crafted story fit the challenge theme and was a satisfying read. Its a winner, I think.
This is a brilliant piece. It grabbed me immediately. Even though, I'm not an art lover nor know much about it, you sparked an interest in my heart. I love the old man's interpretation. You did a wonderful job of describing it for people like me who have not been exposed to modern art, yet I still feel that those who have a passion for art wouldn't feel like you gave too much. That's a hard line to balance and you did it brilliantly.
Brilliant. I liked your characters and the direction your story took. Great ending.
Oooh! This is my type of story. This was masterfully told. Your characters were true and their dialogue felt absolutely real. I felt more like an eavesdropper than a reader.

You did an excellent job putting me right there in the story. Great job!
Oh to have that sweet little man to help us to see as we splash our lives on His canvas - wait, we have even better! His Holy Spirit . . .
This reflects well the difference between the knowledge held in the head and the knowing of the heart; beautiful parable of the spirit calling us into intimacy with the Ancient One.

This excellent story has many facets. It surely made me see the painting in a new light. Well done.
Well done and well said. I enjoyed this piece that certainly was on topic as well.

God bless~
Oh wow, I pulled up a pic of Van Gogh's The Starry Night to look at while I thought about the old man's question and it put an entire new perspective on your fantastic entry.

Not that it needed it but when your MC answered the youth with his take on what the painting expressed -the villagers prayers and 'praise swirling and shining in the velvet night'- I saw new depths in that masteroiece through your work of art!
Congratulations! Happy Dance!
WOW! Brilliant writing. Congratulations!
This is wonderful and beautifully written. Congratulations on your very well deserved win.
This was one of my favorites this week, so I am elated that it did so well.

Congratulations on such a well deserved high ranking!

God bless~
Yay for you!
Such a creative take on the topic! I love it. Congratulations on your EC placement.
Congratulations, Jody, on your EC placing for this lovely, touching story.