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Wow, I love this piece. The emotion is so raw and palpable. You did an outstanding job in not only painting a picture, but also managed to deliver a powerful message. I had a difficult time seeing the topic in this piece, but that is just my opinion. I think you did a great job in all other criteria. Great piece, and I don't always connect with poetry, but this one touched my heart.
I like this...enjoyed the free verse and the flow of it. Great Biblical truth too.
Great flow and rhythm. Great gave me goose bumps.

Very well done.
Wow, this is a powerful poem.
Extremely challenging, a great reminder of the loving merciful character of God. Thankyou.
This story is beautiful in verse. The last stanza is particularly powerful.
What a picture you paint of persistence. I could feel the wearing down of resistance in your MC. There was power in this piece, for sure.

Great job!
You portray the conflict within the MC in a brilliant way and show the contrast (where I see the night/day theme implied) between her reactions and God's.

I loved the last two lines:

"He rises just before the knock comes
Ready to answer"

We too must learn to rise before we even hear the knock; a good lesson brought here.

A well written, soul gripping poem. I really liked it.
I enjoyed your creative poem highlighting this story from the judges perspective.

It also reminded me to be persistent in prayer. Keep on knocking!
Brilliant take!

God bless~
Congratulations on ranking 14 overall.