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Thank you for sharing this moving story which is labelled non-fiction. You are brave to share it. I love its message of hope coming out of despair and of Jesus' presence and affirmation. Well done.
It's indeed good to receive unexpected encouragement
And I am so glad you listened to God when he told you to write this open and honest account of the desperation you portrayed so brilliantly.

Your story flowed smoothly through to the clear message of comfort and hope found in Jesus, and I'm sure will be a pointer to others who suffer from similar anxiety issues.

Your family must be very proud of you.

But don't forget, seeing as I know who you are, I still share your passion for nose droppings and other such graphic details concerning bodily functions!!!
This is powerfully written and emotionally charged. I have no doubt God will use this to encourage many hurting souls this week. Thanks for your vulnerability in writing such a beautiful piece.
What an amazing story! It is so beautiful how the God of the universe will reach out to us in such personal ways. He knew the comfort that you needed and poured it out in abundance!
This was a very powerful piece that took a lot of courage to write. I have no doubt, whatsoever, that God was all over you to write this. It is just the kind of thing that He will use to minister to many. I am betting that there are lots of people who experience similar feelings.

I can tell, too, that you put your best effort into this piece, in service to Him. Your excellence shines through every word.

God bless!
I wanted to get in my car and race over there to give you a big Jesus hug. What an inspiring piece of art.

You have given so much of your time and talent to help others improve in their writing, but now you have given your heart for all to grow spiritually.

What a blessing you are.


Fear. We all experience it, all attempt to live above it, but only one can remove it. It's awesome when God steps in.

I admire your courage.
You are a wonderful inspiration to me. I love it when God prompts us rather insistently to share ourselves with each other.

I had planned to write about how I would define day and night to my blind acquaintance, and wound up traipsing around with bunnies with baskets. I decided it was better to succumb to His promptings than my own . . .
What a warm first-person

narrative/personal recount that we all can

relate to. Thank you for reminding us that

God can use writing to deal with our fear-

-Indeed, He's the Prince of Peace!

Now I see why you said my story reminded you of your own.

Well done, good and faithful servant.

Oh, by the way. My red ink pan has not run dry, there just isn't any I want to offer.

Loud applause and blessings.
What a beautiful picture of humility and love you've painted with your words. And yes, I do believe God sends us His reminders of how much we are loved by Him and by others when we need them most.
And the beat goes on. As God has blessed you, you have blessed others in ways you will never know this side of heaven. Thank you for your faithfulness to Him.

This gave me goose bumps and made me tear up quite readily. It was inspiring, moving, hauntingly beautiful, and an amazing reminder of how God is always with us. Through the darkness His light shines forth!

Thank you, NO---A PROFOUND thank-you for sharing one of the most beautiful stories in here this week, and if this doesn't take it all...I GIVE UP!

Amazing, spectacular and awesome in content and delivery.

Praise God for His power and miracles He performs to this day. He is in control. Amen.

Loved this.

God bless you abundantly~
You are an inspiration dear lady.

Bold and brave enough to open up your heart at your Creators prompting, blessing us and potentially empowering others to write with the freedom of transparency.

I pray this was a step in the fear NEVER ever returning to haunt you.
Wow, this was good: emotional. It brought tears to my eyes. How much the world misses by not knowing Jesus!
Hey! This is fabulous! An EC and a win. I am so happy for you. Well done, my friend!
This is wonderful Shann - I too am so thankful you wrote it. It is straight from the depths of your heart an so speaks volumes. Many many congratulations on your well deserved win.
Congratulations on your EC!
Absolutely stunning. Such beautiful imagery and heartfelt descriptions. Congratulations!
And from me to you,


Congratulations! So happy for you.
So glad to "happy-dance" with you and for you! Congratulations on a heartfelt piece shining!
Congratulations Shann! You deserve it for writing such an excellent and moving piece this week that obviously came straight from the heart.

I'm so thrilled and beyond ecstatic for your win and for your EC!

I think your story was the best of the best. This was number one for me, in my heart and soul.

Beautiful job...thank you again for sharing.

God bless you~

Congrats again for your EC!
Loved this story! One of my all time faves!

God bless~
Fantastic! Can you see me kicking my way across the Great Pond, roses in one hand and Swiss chocolate in the other? Congrats big time on your win and E.c. My comments last week wouldn't post, so I'm delighted that our internet is working better this morning. I'm not sure there would have been any room for my congrats, if I had to wait another day. Sooo good to see that all of the other commenters agree with me. Well-deserved honor and I trust the accolades will only join those from Father God, who is no doubt applauding from Heaven's Gate.
Congratulations, Shann on your EC which wasn't a surprise to me for this personal and moving sharing. God bless you.
I had not been able to comment on your beautiful article yet, but have to still let you know that I felt it was great.
Reading it to my wife was embarassing. Why? Ha, I kept pushing my tears away. I thought, C'mon, I don't want to cry and kept on reading. I am not going to do it...I am not going to do it. But then in the very end the dam broke anyway.
Well done- Well deserved placing.
This reminds all of us how wonderful is our God, and how wonderfully He meets our every need. You captured the moment and shared it with the world. It is beautiful. Thank you.