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Oh I love the journey you take us on here with your beautifully vivid descriptions of the activity of 'daylings' and nightlings. Such a great verse about the 'temporary pause' as night hands over to day. A wonderful ending too to this poem about the hope of God. Really enjoyed reading this.
Poetry is not my thing even though I like to write some sometimes.

Your poem just struck a good note in me.

Because I really don't understand a great deal about critiquing poetry, I will just leave it at I liked it and don't know why.

That will probably leave you wondering what type of idiot would take the time to comment on something that he really doesn't know why.

It is like looking at an art piece and not knowing why you like it, but you do. Take that to the bank and keep writing. Ha!
I really enjoyed your take on this. It was fresh and interesting. You created some vivid pictures for me.

God bless~
Lovely poem. The first and last stanzas stand out for me. I like the way you describe the night shutting out all the colours of the day and in the last you bring life back with a certain amount of hope and joy. Well done!