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Wow! That was some story. Beautifully written and delivered.

Excellent job.

God bless~
Your story was written so well with honest emotion, I thought this might be non-fiction. It was so sad, but nice to have hope in the end.
Sounds like a long and painful ten years.
This was excellently written, and made some very important points that I think many Christians today struggle with.

If it had been me writing it, there is one thing I would have done differently - it's going to sound like a big thing, but I don't really think it is.

I could have done without the backstory with the fianc drowning. To me it feels like it's done to help us understand the MC's withdrawal from God, but I felt I had a good grasp of that from your excellent beginning, a deeper understanding of why just wasn't necessary.

Leaving that part out, could have left you with more time to do a similar inner dialogue of your MC's thoughts of the harpist's comments.

That is merely my opinion, though, and you and others may feel completely differently, and I understand that. I just get this feeling that you almost wrote it without that part, but then changed your mind and put in the explanation. I don't know why I believe that (maybe something in how that section is written), but, if that is the case, I wanted to let you know that (in my opinion) your first instinct was right.

If I'm wrong, then I'm just an idiot who would have left out what many, I'm sure, will think was the best part. :)

Regardless, you did a great job. I would not have spent this much time on a comment if I didn't really, really like the piece.
This is a powerful piece. I totally related to the first part and felt like you had been in my head. It surprised me a bit when you took a turn and reversed to 1980. I think that day itself would make one good story and the present a second one. I was interested in both, yet they both felt a tiny bit rushed to me. Maybe this character has more stories to tell you. If so, I certainly hope you share them because this is a powerful piece. It's surprised me a bit how many stories have been about fear and grief this week. I believe God intended these stories for certain people and I thank you for writing this one because it did make me feel like others truly understand that grief I've been feeling lately.
Your story made my mind think back to the time my sister was killed in a plane crash at 21. I felt the same emotions and still do to some extent.

Great story. I think we all can relate it to someone we loved that was called by God, by our estimation, too early.

God bless.

I will watch for future writings.