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Hahahahahaha! Oh my Goodness!

Cockroaches? I never would have guessed where this was leading to. Unless I'm missing something, clearly this was a powerful tongue and cheek entry, with an hysterical ending. Oh my gosh, this was ( I never thought I would be so enthralled with an entry about roaches) brilliant in all ways...backward and forward and beyond!


God bless~
Did you hear about the cockroach who was so depressed that he committed insecticide?
A nice tongue in cheek approach, with a great rug-puller to wrap it up.
Yes, I did like this very much. Cockroaches? I can see that, but it only goes to show how demons are like these pests. When the light goes on, the evil has to flee, which is a great lesson.Well done.
Congratulations Tracy!

I loved your entry, thought it was a fantastic and brilliant read.

JK's take on it was a bit of genius as well...another way of looking at it.

That's what makes a great story when there are numerous scenarios, and each one more interesting that the last.

Well done!

God Bless~
From among your legions of fans, congratulations.
OR... rats? Your skill at weaving a tale is amazing. I love so many of the (powerful) words you use. Super work and congrats on your EC, Tracy!
I was thinking rats... and their little companions fleas until the very last line... very clever indeed.
Brilliant, Tracy, and well-deserving of its EC place! I think rats rather than cockroaches, but I think we need your to give the final word on this roaches/rats matter. They do just keep on keeping on, through thick and thin, those rats!
I'm going to break the "no commenting on your own entry" rule this one time so I can solve the mystery. It IS an allegory for prideful demonic attitudes and how The Light sends it scattering. AND, both cockroaches and rats are correct in a way. Both scatter when the light is turned on and prosper in darkness. Originally, I was going for cockroaches, but they don't have quite the disease carrying capacity that rats do. The reference about the Middle Ages is to the plague because it was the fleas that bit the rats and then bit people that spread it. I wanted to put that in because demons love to use their dark activities to bring division. Thanks for all the kind words!