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I liked this. It's creative and fresh with a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor. Normally I prefer Coke, but I have to admit your Pepsi is quite intriguing. Your ending was great. It left me with a big smile. Nicely done.
This was wonderful! It left me feeling good inside.

God bless~
Ha! This was great. I loved how Brother Marshall acknowledged that God had weighed in, but still announced that the elders were still against it: 6 to 2! that should have been your title. :)

I sounds ridiculous that these elders set themselves against God, but then, when I think about it, there have been many times in my life where I knew God was telling me to do one thing, and I sit around debating whether or not I should do it. Thankfully, He's never split the earth open to swallow me whole. :)

Great job! I loved it!
As usual, you have taken a fresh and unique approach to the topic. I love the Pepsi challenge. I also prefer Coke, but this may get me to try Pepsi one more time!

Your subtle humor and excellent writing have my vote for a winner!

Blessings, Lynn
I'll cast my vote for the Pepsi. :) I thought the pastor may have wisely taken a lesson from Jonah with the vine and the shade it provided. :) I completely enjoyed this elder/pastor meeting. I don't get invited to many of those, so thanks for the realistic view into what goes on. I'm so glad that "One" is "Power"ful!
Hehe this is great. At first I was going to comment that you gained an elder... Until I realized number two was God and the elders still hadn't quite gotten the message. I realize you said he had a husky voice, but in my head, I heard a very timid, squeaky, mouse-like voice. :D
Ouch--being voted off the island by God Himself. I bet many pastors dream about a similar situation. "God, I know I'm in the right, You just show them!"

Funny ending that, at the same time, left me pondering about some people's stubbornness-- knowing God's will and still voting against it.

I only hope that the crack in the lawn didn't ruin the pergola construction :-)
That One vote should make all the difference; but, sadly, it often doesn't. But then again, it isn't always cast in such dramatic fashion. lol

I enjoyed this but, to be honest, I found the take off a little slow. Once airborne, however, I enjoyed the ride.

Congratulations on an EC placement, Noel! I knew this one would do well, it was the perfect blend of humor and a Godly lesson.

Great job!
It was great to see this creative story on the EC list! Many congrats!
Congratulations on your EC Noel.
God bless~
At least they didn't go the way of Korah. An amusing tale and a reminder of the need to carry people with you when expressing vision.
A most enjoyable read, worthy of its EC place. What a dramatic vote at the end of the tale! And, did the 2 or the 6 win out - democracy or God's vote? I was expecting the rumbling to be the deck and pergola collapsing as the building work sounded a little dodgy. A great take on this topic!
Your writing never fails to impress and make one think. Congratulations Noel!