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Awww. So sweet. You've described "animal behavior" so well. The things we do for our "pups." My little guy does the same thing when a little pice of poo refuses to fall. Hahahaha! I gently remove the dangling poo, but my guy knows the routine and patiently waits. Thank goodness it rarely happens! any stories pertaining to animals. And, a great segue to end with a powerful message.

Well done.

God bless~
Great details and a super lesson. Enjoyed this (and was slightly grossed out LOL).
Such a thoughtful Bestie you are, even protecting Bella's true identity! This one read like something I could've put in a daily journal entry as "routine" around our place. Our little 10 pound Morky has created a special sound to let me know she is "dirty" on her boo-booabout one out of 25 times she goes.

I thought there may be more dogs in the bestie bunch, but your's is the first I've read so far. Good deal. Who doesn't like a good dog-tale? Especially when it wags vigorously as with your stellar writing.

Thank you for giving me an extended grin today!
This was so excellently written that I finished the entire entry, even though I cringed throughout (I am weak when it comes to these types of messes).

I loved your depiction of the relationship between the MC and their dog and I love how you turned it around to show the correlation between that and our relationship with God.

Congratulations on a well-deserved 4th place finish!

SO happy to see your article win!

I loved it.

God bless~
Ah, I love Bella, aka ? What a wonderful and faithful bestie you are to each other. Congratulations, Francy. God bless.
Your furry little "name-changed-to-protect-her-privacy" friend endeared herself to me. :) I loved your creativity with the topic AND your spiritual comparison is unparalleled! Super work! Many congrats on your EC.
Who knew that dog grooming could be so fascinating and hold such a beautiful lesson? Wonderful work!
A really heart warming story with vivid descriptions and I so appreciated the analogy at the end. Congratulations
I must say, I'm a little late in the game, but I just read this story, and it is beyond precious. This had me laughing from beginning to end. So cute, so clever, and the humor of it has me still chuckling. Such a wonderful revelation you shared at the end. Congratulations on your well deserved.
Fabulous, fluffy, foibles!

Love the doggies and their antics, so your story was especially endearing.