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Oh, now I am laughing out loud. This should certainly take top honors and if I could vote it surely would. You take the topic to a whole new level, and I, for one, love it!

It is the most original article I have ever read.

Great writing here, as usual!

Blessings, Lynn
Okay...brick throwing has not begun, but there's no way this is not Noel, right?

There was much laughing and much groaning as I read this article, but no matter how much some of these puns hurt (I mean really, physically, hurt) I couldn't stop reading. Someday you must come to Austin and participate in Punfest (assuming they still do it).

Great job - especially if your goal was to make us roll our eyes and groan. :)

Completely beyond insane! Loved it and always am amazed at your brain and how it functions!!!

And my all time favorite of the group and my pick:

Novas Kosher: A Canadian province where Jews need never fear how their food has been prepared.


God bless~
Unlike the above comment I ceased to be amazed at how your brain functions long ago. I simply accept the evidence - you're a madman!

However, I feel quite at home with your malady. Like attracts like as the saying goes, so don't ever change will you.

Thanks for a good laugh. Much appreciated - whoever you are!!!
Not all Hungarians ZZZ out -unless they mix a little Czech in with it. And we all sleep until our Czech comes in, ya? Loved the "tribute" to Franz Lizst, obviously.

You will be held responszible for my fractured ribsz. My guffawsz roared through the housz like a housz a-fire.

You beat Bennett Cerf for humoranitariuminizm. (This is so fun to do to spell-checker!_
ps. Thank you for the head's up on where to celebrate Passover . . .
I'm praying for you brother! lol

What will the world think of Australians by the time your word twisting is done. First we plait the poor pussy cat, then we call a man named Wal a bee -- and now we unleash your talent upon the world.

Brilliant blessings.
Won Shu get used to it... Still shaking my head.
Verbal vacuum cleaner?!

All of these are super, but my favorite is Fransz Liszt! Will there be a Volume 2 with your latest creations? :)
This was A HOOT! So wonderfully, unapologetically fun.