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Powerful and absorbing!

WEll done.

God bless~
Excellent writing. You kept my interest throughout this tragedy, yet managed to show the determination and love for his fellowman that the U.S. soldier displayed.
Nicely done!
This was superb. I am a huge Lincoln fan and love stories that breathe life into the real, everyday moments from historical events.

I'm not sure I made the "facepalm" connection to the topic, but it was a great story anyway and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.
Personalizing the story through the eyes of the physician brought the fictionalized account to life. Good job!
Incredible historical memorial to Abraham Lincoln. I could not put this down . . .
A wonderfully moving piece, it held my attention throughout,,and was spot on riveting historical fiction.
An excellent piece of writing. You turned a historical story into a living scene that I was able to enter and feel.

If the topic 'facepalm' was in there, I was unable to see it. Perhaps it needed more exposure.

The revelation of who had been shot was masterfully hidden until it became a bombshell.

Very clever.

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