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Hahahaha! This was great! It had an authentic tone...are you sure you're not the new couple that joined our church recently?

LOL...well done.

God bless~
I see now that it is indeed non-fiction. It had to be...this was too good not to be true!

Great job!

God bless~
The exuberance and energy of youth :) I remember my grandson's first program at a new church... he pretended to shoot himself in the head and threw himself in the floor right in front of the pastor... his mom and I tried to hide behind our hands just like your MC. Great story!
having been a school and Sunday School teacher, I can say I LOVED the exuberant kids. I also taught creative dance classes. One time one group was sharing a dance they had created, and a kid from another class jumped up and joined them in the performance. His mother was aghast, but the kid did just fine. Asked it later, he replied, "I just followed along with the feeling."
This was great. I'm so glad to see you're proud to be the parents of such an outgoing child. Speaking from the perspective of someone who has worked children's ministry for more than 15 years, I love the kids like this - unafraid to jump and do anything, always ready to participate and, especially, the first ones to make friends with new kids.

You did an awesome job telling this story - your dialogue was authentic and I could "see" the events and characters clearly - and I really enjoyed the read.

Thanks for sharing it with us!
Excellent descriptions here of your energetic child--and your new pastor sounds great.
Congratulations on ranking 14 overall!