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Intriguing piece, however, it makes the reader search for winter - a mere general assumption in far northern areas that winter is cold. Nonetheless, a well thought out piece.
My eldest daughter and I read this one together. She liked the line about the Sun shining (or is that Son?) I had my own favorites: "I am crushed as the frost" and the promise "Your branches will be stronger, your blossoms sweeter. Your heart ablaze with praise!" The entire sixth paragraph is full of such heart-wrenching despair, and then the cries subside with the continual loving reassurance, the final comforting hushes of a Parent as the weary suffering one finds rest and peace. Beautiful! One I could reflect upon when I begin to despair. Thank you so much for sharing this!
Really, this was a powerful piece, packed with much emotion. I caught many references to Winter, and loved the figurative approach, rather than the literal. Very creative, unique entry.
Blessings, Lynda
I think it was written beautifully:)
Beautiful and from the heart! The Father comforts us just as we as parents comfort our children. Loved the way you used winter images to portray the despair and heartache of one of God's children. And then the reminder that it is just for a season. Well done.
It's in the box...
but heartfelt...
so I like it. :)
Ahhh what a way to be comforted,, but the Lord's own loving hands.. very well done.
This made me cry. I have been there. Beautifully written.
Very touching, the comforting calming voice of God Himself. Well done.

And I agree - winter was all through it!
I was especially touched by the "shhhhh-ing." Just perfect.
This is wonderful. I think I'm going to keep it close at hand to read on my toughest days.

This was exactly what I needed to hear - what so many of us need to hear in the winters of our lives. Thank you for reminding us of God's love and reassurance even when we are fighting or questioning it.

This really touched me. And that's what it's all about, right? Thank you.
Beautiful, Pat! So emotionally powerful and immediate. The voices are 'real' in every way!
Isn't it funny: sometimes God just wants us to be still and know Him. Over the past few days I have developed a bad cold. Yesterday I lost my voice. And you know what? I still tried to move and do things. God told me to lie down and rest. I kept trying to speak, but He told me to rest my voice and my body. He said,"Shhh--you need to be still." Thanks for this article. It has me written all over it!
Beautifully done Pat. Great job.
So beautifully done, Pat. Just what I needed to hear. Love the visual concept of the Father brushing at my brow. Ahhh. Thank you. Yeggy
This is a beautiful piece. It could've been any one of us, but this puts it into sort of a poetic view.
Just beautiful, Pat! No wonder it's a favorite of yours. You have such a gift for putting us right there.
Very well crafted, leaving me with a huge lump in my throat as I've uttered so many of those words---even this week. A blessing of an entry.