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This is a truly delightful poem with a wonderful analogy to bring out and important message.
You have such an amazing gift. The words just flowed of the page. Comparing gossip to a brook is positively brilliant. It gives the reader an exact picture of how the words grow as they tumble down the slope, turning into something quite different. This is a powerful piece.
This is a powerful and graceful poem with a clear message. I like the way you've used the trickle-becomes-a-river as a simile for gossip. It works really well. Great writing!
"And no-one then could trace the brook
That started in a hidden nook
Upon a far hillside."

I loved this choice of imagery. You have painted a wonderful picture of a great message.

Just really well done. I'm sure this will be one of the top choices for the judges.

Great job.

God bless~
Oh, I like this. An apt comparison, and one I caught on to immediately, before you even "officially" introduced the topic. Nice job.
No surprise here. I knew it was a winner when I first read it. :-) Congratulations!!
awesome and inspired... this is a very well deserved win for you...
Wow - Thankyou SO much Judges. I wouldnt normally comment here except to thank everyone for their lovely and encouraging comments, but particularly to apologise for the missing 'y' on line 2 of the last verse!! (Should of course be 'they'!!)
Congrats! God bless~
I am in complete awe of your ability to create poetry that not only is well structured, but great pacing and meaning. This truly rises to the level of "Art".

So glad I finally read this beautiful poem. Aside from the lovely imagery, the nice flow and rhythm, and symbolism, this had a great message. Congratulations!
Such a well deserved win. Beautiful! Congratulations Margaret!
A beautiful beautiful poem. Right on topic and brilliantly written. Congratulations - a very worthy winner.
Congratulations, Margaret! This win was certainly well deserved, for your lovely poem.
Congratulations on first in EC placing with this gorgeous poem.
Wow! Masterful craftmanship! I wanted to re-read to catch every twist and turn and bask in the amazing force here. I love your gorgeous words and message. Many heartfelt congrats, Margaret. <3
A stunning and beautifully written reminder to guard our tongue. Many congratulations!
A stunning and beautifully written reminder to guard our tongue. Many congratulations!
Absolutely wonderful! I so enjoyed reading this. You totally nailed the topic. Congratulations on a well deserved first place EC!
Wonderful, Margaret! Congratulations on 1st place. God bless.