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This is great. You had me from the first word to the last. I think a woman like Irene can do far more damage to the devil than a horrible disaster. It reminds me of a modern take on the parable of the rich man and the poor widow tithing. When we give our all to God wonderful things happen.

The red ink I have is tiny. I've been trained not to start a sentence with a numeral. You did it just once though, but it could easily be fixed like this:Yes, it was--1914--to be exact. Also notice the em dash was two hyphens with no spaces on either side. (In Word, you can push ctrl and the minus sign on the number pad to get the exact length which is the size of the letter m, hence it's name.)

Overall, I think you nailed the topic in a fresh, fascinating way. Your message is one I needed at that exact second. I'm always amazed how God manages to do that. Thank you for being a part of God's love note to me.
Well written and interesting. I am in awe of your style of writing. Excellent!
Wow. I pray I am "Irene" to Satan and his struggling minions. This is so well written and entertaining . . .
Your story is very creative and certainly on topic. I enjoyed your description of how a saint reacts to gossip. Excellent writing!

Two little red-ink mentions:
Nondescript doesn't have a hypen, and the slang word for hen is "biddy."
This is a great story and a creative and pertinent take on the topic with the demon assigned to get Irene gossiping.You kept my interest throughout. One tiny red ink comment: Where you used 'shrunk' it should have been 'shrank'. 'Shrunk' needs a 'has/had' in front of it. But, well done with this!
I think this is brilliant and I love these sort of tales. the title got me in right from the onset, and the inclusion of the Titanic was a very clever mind picture.

Thanks and blessings.
When I read stories like these, I wonder how I'm in Masters with all the rest!

Well done.

God bless~
Oh, this was so creative! Great job with this. I loved it. Poor demon... couldn't get the poor old lady. ;)
I did not "get it" at first... I thought it was some "secret agent" kind of thing, and I guess in a way it was... but this was absolutely brilliant! I enjoyed reading this piece, and I can see why you were awarded a very well deserved EC. Congratulations!
Cleverly and ingeniously developed and creatively written.

Congratulations, Joe. Your talent is showing. :-)
Congrats! God bless~
This is the second wonderful entry this week that has reminded me of CS Lewis' Screwtape letters. This is an amazing story with a real kick - just excellent writing and well deserving of its high placing. Many congrats. (Thanks too for your kind comments Joe)
Oh my. Wow. Yes, oh my AND wow. It deserves both. I missed this the first time around and I'm so glad I saw it now. That was perfect, beginning to end. Congratulations!
Amazing story - just loved it. Congratulations.
Congratulations, Joe! A well deserved 2nd place.
Congratulations for well deserved EC. Your piece was excellently written.
Your story infused my enthusiasm to defeat the relentless assaults from the enemy using our all powerful weapon-the Word of God and prayer.

Congratulations on your win with this fabulous fable.
Ooh, I so enjoyed this: a powerful message packed into a short story. Hee hee hee. Not feeling at all sorry for old Rathbone. Congrats on a well deserved EC.
What a unique, but enjoyable read. Congrats, Joe, and God bless!