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This was a fine detailed sophisticated entry that hit the topic in unique fashion.

It was both fun and well written. I especially loved this:
hardening of the attitudes - Fantastic play on words.

And, of course loved the clever name of the keynote speaker, BL Zebub.

Well done!

God bless~
A great take on the topic with this self-improvement program, GMC. Great humour and a great end note to tie the message in. Well done!
"Greater Endurance - from running others down."

Hilarious! And so to the point. As you pointed out, some of the devil's most productive workers are the "religious".

Great job thinking outside the box and giving us something unique to think about.
I love that. Gossip Mill Communications. As usual, you have put together an awesome piece of writing. Spot on topic and very well done!
This has a ring of CS Lewis- 'Screwtape letters' where BL Zebub would have fitted in very well. Excellent writing with heart-searching challenge.
Once again the man from Oz proves himself to be a wizard with words.

I did find it hard to get into and had to re-read the first three paragraphs a few times. I think it was because of the length of the first sentence - which was the entire paragraph. Perhaps a little reworking would make the start flow better.

Your entries always leave no doubt as to the message and are always fun to read.

This is great. I enjoyed it! I especially liked the "health plan."