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This was a fascinating read. I really liked how all the characters were connected, even if they didn't all realize it. That's how we are with God. This is a great allegory.

Technically you shouldn't start a sentence with a numeral. I realize that it was meant to be a log, but it still made me stutter a bit as I read. I'm sure you spotted the bit not me instead of but. Also pastor shouldn't start with a capital unless it's being used as a name. Ex: I looked at Pastor and smiled. I looked at the pastor and smiled. The ending was perfect.

You had some lines that really blew me away. The one where Johnny wondered if they didn't believe him why didn't they do something took my breath away. Brilliant. You spoke volumes with the phrase turn gossip mills into prayer wheels. It belongs on a bumper sticker.
You did a good job of giving us glimpses of each character's life, enough to allow us to make some assumptions, and then you clarified most of them, putting us in the same situation as the judgers in your story - having jumped to some conclusions.

Very nice work. Thanks for sharing it with us.
Very on topic and, sadly, very close to true life. You've drawn the various characters and their stories together well though I did get a little lost at times with all the characters (probably more due to me rushing through though). Well done!
Outstanding. Riveting - had me in thrall . . .
I too got a little confused with the shifting from one person to the other. But, when I slowed down to digest it and get it clear, it all made perfect sense. You did a fantastic job. Really well done!
I have no idea what I meant when I pointed out the bit not me. Either the spell check changed it or it was in my head from another story. Sorry about that. Can I blame it on lack of sleep? I still had tingles after reading it the second time. That's a sure sign of a good story. :)
I enjoyed this entry with an authentic tone. The wide spread connection in humanity was clearly well done.

Great job.

God bless~