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What an excellent article! This goes to show that no matter the situation, God will come through if you allow him. Somehow I know that the unborn baby would be brought up by a terrific Christian mother. A top prize article!

God Bless!
Good example of how words hurt. You did well with this.
Very powerful and succinct portrayal of all-too-common scenarios: workplace resentment and personal desertion.
The word limit may have got in your way through the middle,, but the note from upcoming Junior injected realistic hope into Lily's morale. Well done.
This is a powerful piece. I could feel the angst as I read. Your opening pulled me in right away and I was eager to keep reading.

The main red ink I would offer would be watch for the sudden POV shifts. At first, you show what's in Lilly's thoughts, then jump right into Sandra' in the next. One way to avoid this would be to just show us what Lily sees, hears and thinks. For example: Lilly shuddered at Sandra' tone. Tears welled up in her eyes as she remembered Sandra venting to another co-worker when they all found out Lilly had gotten the promotion over Sandra. "There's no way she got that on her own; I bet she's having an affair with Mr. Freemont... " It's not perfect, but just an example of how to show it from the MC's POV.

Overall, you did a great job. You nailed the topic and my heart ached for the a MC. The ending was great too. I like the idea of her finding the note. You did a great job with this one. The message is powerful and a good reminder for all.
A most excellent piece of writing. This seems to be a sort of soliloquy, so I don't see the office chatter as a change of POV, rather what was going on with those gossips. Very well told, touches the heart of those who find themselves in such situations, and it happens a lot these days. This would certainly help another woman who is going through the same thing.

Heartfelt and beautifully written.

A winner in my book, for sure.
This is well written, and I certainly felt the pain and angst of your MC. In my experience most gossipers do not have the guts to say these things within the subjects hearing, they say it behind their backs. So that part felt a little unreal to me, but, if you had an office full of totally brazenly cruel people, I guess that might be the way it would play out.

It certainly gave me something to think about, so I'm not criticizing how you wrote it at all - your writing was superb and the cruelty made the note at the end all the more impactful.