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Well, this certainly fit the topic perfectly! What a day. Fun, creative, and flowed very easily.

Great job.

God bless~
oh man! This poor lady! :) You took us through her harrowing, comical late-for-work adventures. And in the end we could all breathe again. :) Her total-chaos was pure-fun for this reader! :)
I'm still chuckling, imagining a certain backside! This is so delightful, so comically written - and so, sad to say - identifiable. Absolutely love this!
What a morning! You told this story really well and took an excellent bite of the topic as well as the dog.

As a constructive comment, I felt, but it could only be me that feels this way, that the pace would have started quicker had the first two paras been split up a little more. Example: a para break just before 'Hero' (justified by introducing a new character)

Once past paragraph two the pace was absolutely excellent, the humor brilliant and the omnishambles perfectly reflected.

This is a hoot. I was laughing out loud literally. Your pictures were wonderful and I loved the aching. You have a wonderful sense of humor. The only thing that distracted me a bit was the incomplete sentences or the one word ones. I think it's the editor blood in me. It can work sometimes, but for me it was done a tad too much, although I'll admit it really matched the pacing and atmosphere of the story. I know I just contradicted myself, but my mind is often one big contradiction. You nailed the topic. I delighted in the story and could see your MC in a sitcom. You showed a touch of brilliance in the way you developed the MC. Great story.

God bless~
Laury, your Mani-Ack Day could be an entry from my diary - like the day I showed up at work with one blue shoe and one black one - and probably late! So funny and such wonderful writing. Congratulations :)
I went to work one day with my skirt inside out. My gal friend told me at the end of the workday . . .

Hebrews 10:26-31 KJV
Funny story, Laury...loved it!