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I LOVE this. I am belly laughing right now, at the old gentlemen wanting the dancer back. "She was quite good" is THE line of the whole story.

This one has got to take the cake, er, I meant prize!

Masterful writing, as always. I am still smiling at this one. The fact that it's true makes it all the more darling!
This hits close to home!
My husband provides the entertainment for the monthly birthday party at a local nursing home. He sings old standards, gospel favorites and plays trumpet. The nursing home does provide one big cake & ice cream, that all attending share.
I assure you; no lady has jumped out!

Wing His Words
I can relate too...I work in a nursing home where my husband used to be the recreation director, setting up parties and the entertainment. When the state came, the strangest problems seemed to happen to add to the stress. Great writing!
Oh what a hoot. I wish you could have seen my eyes bulge out when I saw the nonfiction note. That makes it even funnier. You nailed the topic and I totally enjoyed it.
This was a lot of fun. Doubly fun because it's true. Great writing!
Great writing. One can just picture the scene. Especially funny, that it is non-fiction.
That was fun. I can just see the looks of horror by the female residents and the happy glee on the faces of the men.
This was a lot of fun, and great reading. But just for the fun of it, let me be a tad pedantic. Your line "Now we can celebrate all of the resident’s birthdays..." has an apostrophe that has gone astray. One resident would only have one birthday - ie "resident's birthday." More than one resident would have "residents' birthdays," or do you mean one resident whose birthdays are all coming at once? (another set of trouble hiding here..:-)
But apostrophes always cause trouble for pedants like me, for an apostrophe is a punctuation mark that irk's purist’s if it insert’s it’self within plural’s or present tense’s and turn’s them into possessive’s.
It's time to stop before this comment exceeds the entry in length.