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It may seem strange to write a comment on my own entry, but there is a purpose.

I just want to let everyone know that the inspiration for this story was our very own Dr. Dave Walker.

As a highly trained medical professional, Dr Dave tells many stories of God at work when the medical experts were struggling. His book 'God in the ICU' is full of such stories for those who want to read more.

Thanks Dave and blessings all, Graham.
I love how you show us an MC who relies on prayer, the Bible and his faith in God for the really important things in life, but does not eschew the modern technology that is available to make certain everyday tasks simpler and safer (sometimes, anyway).

I realize you based the concept on a real person, but you also created a wonderfully appealing MC who is wise and faithful. A man after God's own heart, some might say. You tell his story so well and make me want to meet Dr. John.

Excellent work!
Beautifully written, and powerfully delivered!

God bless Dr. John.

I loved this.

God bless~
Great take on the topic - and what a powerful and poignant message that can apply to ANY job for certain. Was tickled to see that Dave was the inspiration. Thanks so much for sharing, Graham, and for commenting on my entry!
A lovely, very interesting write! I enjoyed this very much!
Wow this is great. I was hooked right away. Your details were superb. The only thing that might have made it better would be dialog, perhaps between MC and secretary to do some showing through the dialog. You nailed the topic and I think it was fun and important in today's world. Congratulations on ranking 11th overall! Happy Dance!