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This was so clever, so different, and so beyond funny! Is a "certain individual back from his trip?" I think so!

Wonderfully amusing, and a pleasure to read such a light-hearted approach to this weeks topic.

Great fun!

God Bless~
Ouch...I truly felt your pain. During the first 11 years of my life I never saw a dentist because my single mom could not afford it. At 11 I went to live with an Aunt who took me for the first time and I had a lot of cavities to be sure. In those days the dentist gave a choice of painkiller or no painkiller for filling cavities - guess what was chosen for me? Yeah, I stay away from the dentists at all costs these days.

Anyway, enough about me, your story was great. You captured everything perfectly and I really appreciated the perspective.

Great job!
Great voice! I could feel the anxiety and the way you tied it together with a spiritual application is wonderful.
A most enjoyable and amusing read - except for all the dental details! I don't like dentists much either (sorry dentists!). You've done well with this, and the punch line was great!
Wonderfully light, funny and enjoyable. You even "sharpened" my mind by teaching me of a new phobia: "aichmophobia". TY

When I saw your subject material I almost stopped reading. I have a strong fear of dentists and a swiftly approaching appointment. I've been to some bad dentists who seemed to be merely drilling for riches at my expense and pain. Thank you for the chuckles!
Very well written. I liked the line about the untameable tongue tangling with the drill. I can so relate! Good job--keep writing!
Very enjoyable fun read!
Congrats! I thought for sure that this was one of Noel's. I was fooled! Excellent job with this entire piece. I loved it, so did my friends!

God bless~
Ha! I had this pegged for Noel too! The crown has been stolen! Once again, you did a great job with this story and absolutely deserve the EC placement. Congratulations!
Talk about hitting a nerve! This left me squirming and thankful that I wasn't in the "hot seat." Very well done! Congratulations!