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Excellent message in this well written and "authentic story."

Great job.

God bless~
Man, I wish this was Sci-Fi. Superb depiction of what is here and what is soon to arrive. I thought him forgetting his daughter's name was a great way to show us how sucked in to technology and tuned out of reality he was. The open-ended ending is always a favorite of mine. Well done.
Great message for all those plugged into technology like it's their umbilical cord. Forgetting your child's name?--good way to emphasize the wakeup call this younger generation needs.
Wow! The future doesn't look too bright for our young folks. First they stop talking and soon they stop thinking. You did a great job getting your point across. Technology has its good and bad points. Blessings, LaVonne
When I read this, I couldn't help thinking of Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451. We have quite a challenge, don't we--living in this world!
Well done! I know folks who are this dependent. Great take on the topic.
“What's so amazing? That's why the glasses record everything so we don't ever forget anything.”

“No, they record everything so you don't ever have to remember anything.”

One word critique: WOW!!
Great writing - engaging and believable! This is an unsettling story which, perhaps sadly, is all too close to the truth rather than science fiction.
How scary is that? The scary part is how possible it is in the future. Great job of making us think about technology an its hold on us.
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